Methods Of The Hair Transplant

You can achieve your dream hair.

With the developing technologies and due to the expert doctors, the hair transplantation had well progressed and gives a successful results .

Hair transplantation , which started in the 1990s , is in a high demand today . The baldness due to the vital reasons become a very big problem to some people, and for other , they suffer from hair loss.

With the hair transplantation, you can regain your self-confidence .

There are two current and successful methods in hair transplant operations
• FUE Hair Transplant
• DHI Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant
It is method the most preferred since the 2000s and it is easy to operate , because it offers the most best method of the hair transplant .

In the FUE Hair Transplant method , the hair follicles taken from the nape area of the head are transferred to the required bald area , these follicles do not spill due to their genetic characteristics.

The FUE Hair Transplant operation lasts for about 8 hours , firstly a hair analysis is done by an expert , after that a head hair line is drawn and the expert decides how many grafts will be taken from the donor area, after taking the grafts are putted in a special container and suspended . The area will be sown , the micro channels are opened and the hair roots are placed there carefully.

In the FUE hair transplant , the recovery period of the head is in 15 days , and after 3 months the follicles are removed again and a new hair comes out and it will take its full form after 12 months.

DHI Hair Transplant
The DHI Hair Transplant which starts in 2016, has proven its success.
In this method of hair transplantation, the hair follicles are taken also from the nape area of the head as in the FUE method . However , in the DHI method , the hair follicles are injected into the head with a special pen developed especially for hair transplanting who inject the required bald area.

The DHI method had 2 major advantages , the recovery time of the head is faster because the channels are not opened , and you can continue your daily routin after 5 days of the operation , you can go back to work , and no one can recognize that you made a hair transplant.

The other advantage of this technique is that the planted follicles with a pen , this operation can be done without any hair cut or shaving , that is why DHI is highly preferred for the ones for the persons who do not like to have a hair cut (especially women).

The hair transplantation methods should be done in clinics that require specialization and meet specific conditions .

Sapphire Micro Fue Hair transplant

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant , which is developed by using Sapphire blade in FUE technique , gives a very successful results due to the material used.

As much as hair transplant operation , the post operation is also very important and you must care very much and follow the instructions of the specialist.

Hair transplantation has a number of pre-existing locations , Istanbul hair transplant is the best city to choose for such an operation . You can choose between advanced clinics and you can see each clinic ‘s experiences and reviews.

Since 2001, the hair transplantation service providers in Istanbul is Este Prime clinic which has proven its success in this domain in Turkey . You can contact Este Prime to get advices from experts and for free analysis support >> Este Prime Clinic

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