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Coral Calcium Supreme

Bob Barefoot was the chemist that everyone saw on TV across america lecturing on coral calcium. He got in trouble with the FDA and FTC for making medical claims about his brand of product Coral Calcium Supreme. You maybe wondering what was wrong with his approach? He was truly interested in helping people to return to good health.

Coral calcium is a multi-mineral supplement. It gets it name from the main mineral being Calcium. It actually contains over 70 minerals in trace amounts. It is taken from the dead coral below sea level. This dead coral contains the highest amounts of trace minerals giving you a full spectrum of mineral in your daily diet.

There is also another form of coral calcium being sold which comes from above sea level, commonly called land grade. I believe that getting more of the trace minerals is good and needed for good health. The problem with land grade is that it is petrified and is mainly calcium. Calcium is hard to digest without vitamin D and magnesium. So they often add magnesium to the product.

Below sea level grade contains a proper balance of 24 percent calcium and 12 percent magnesium. The other 64 percent is made up of the other trace minerals. This is the preferred way to get coral calcium and is recommended by Bob Barefoot.

Back to the claims made by Bob Barefoot, he made many claims showing the benefit of calcium in your daily diet. But along with those claims he told everyone to purchase his brand called Coral Calcium Supreme. The made the claims as and extension of the label in the eyes of the FDA. Any medical claims being made means that they have to apply for prescription drug status and under go millions of dollars in clinical testing. This didn't happen so he was forced to pull his TV commercial of the air and make available refunds for anyone that might has been mislead by the claims.

Bob Barefoot ended up paying 5 million dollars to the FDA. he still believes strongly in calcium, he just can't make the claims and people will have to do their own research. There are many published articles available on the Internet about calcium.

Recently, he tried to go on the air again last May, but the FDA pulled the plug right away. From what I have learned, he plans on coming back out on the air again very soon promoting vitamin D. Hopefully things will be done right this time and he won't get in to trouble again.

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