Vitol Herbal Diuretic Review

Vitol Herbal Diuretic Review

Will Vitol Herbal Diuretic Work For You?

Vitol’s Herbal Diuretic might be able to help you pull off some of that extra water weight. I wouldn’t put this product at the top of the list compared to other diuretics though. There are a couple of good diuretic ingredients in this product but nothing all that great. I would rank this product as an average diuretic that will help somewhat but will not do the best job. Vitol Herbal Diuretic doesn’t contain Dandelion or Hawthorn which are both stronger and more powerful cleansers compared to any of the ingredients found in this product. Lets take a look at what is found in this product.

Vitol Herbal Diuretic Ingredients

Horsetail Grass 320mg, Potassium 99mg, Parsley Herb 320mg, Bearberry 220mg, Paprika 220mg, Juniper Berries 120mg, Corn Silk 11mg, Goldenrod 10mg, Watermelon Seeds 10mg.

Cost of Vitol Herbal Diuretic

On average this product will cost you $9.00 minus shipping.

Overall Thoughts on Vitol Herbal Diuretic

Vitol Herbal Diuretic is a product that tries to keep the cost per bottle low. Because of this this product is also on the lower end. I like that this product contains Uva Ursi but it should contain a larger milligram amount. You will notice some results with this product but nothing all that significant. Even though this product is not as strong as some of the other diuretics out there, you still need to be careful. I wouldn’t recommend on continuously taking this product.

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