SciFit Water Loss Review

SciFit Water Loss Review

What You Should Know About SciFit

SciFit water loss is a basic diuretic supplement with a fairly limited amount of ingredients. This product is priced for what you get. You are able to buy Water Loss for below $10.00 but you also don’t get as much as you do from other products. There are about 3 fairly good natural diuretics in this product that contain fairly decent amounts, so you should see some results when taking this product. You won’t however, see as fast or as drastic results with this product compared to others. Lets take a look at all the ingredients found in Water Loss

Water Loss Ingredients

Juniper Berry 500mg, Dandelion Root 500mg, Uva Ursi 500mg, Buchu Extract 500mg, Magnesium Gluconate 100mg, Vitamin B6 50mg.

Cost of Water Loss

On average Water Loss Will Cost You $8.00 minus shipping.

Overall Thoughts on Water Loss

Water Loss contains some good ingredients but it is also missing out on some other important ingredients. This product will work as a diuretic but it won’t be as good as some of the top products at detoxifying your kidney’s and liver and won’t help as much at reducing bloating and swelling. Also, Water Loss does not contain any Potassium which can cause some major problems if your Potassium levels drop too low from urinating it all out. This product may be good for people who are looking for just a basic natural diuretic and nothing more.

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